Personnel List


Casey Genin


Coverage Area

Central & North Louisiana, East Texas

Phone: 337-942-5613

Cell: 337-945-5613

Fax: 337-942-5612

John Humphreys

Coverage Area:

Arkansas & West Tennesse

Cell: 601-559-9617

Jennifer Myers

Coverage Area:

South Louisiana & South Mississippi

Phone: 228-831-4132

Cell: 228-547-3303

Fax: 228-831-3444

Keith Humphreys

Coverage Area:

Central & North Mississippi

North Louisiana

Cell: 601-327-9204

Donna Miller


Order Processing & Tracking

Phone 337-942-5613

Fax: 337-942-5612

Connie Landreneau


Rebates & Tracking

Phone: 337-942-5613

Fax: 337-942-5612

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Venture Sales

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